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This is the FAQ&A's section where you can get the buzz on asksalmon@napeinc.com. We are currently busy doing R&D to launch our commercial and market-ready product ASAP. Please be patient as we will do our best to get back to you in due course. We thank you for all the e-mails sent in and will update the dialogue shortly.

We hope it will serve to disseminate info.

What price will the E-pan sell for?

The E-pan Tenor Coat of Arms version will be selling for $2900 U.S., the Double Seconds Coat of Arms version will be selling for $3600 U.S.

When will the E-pan be ready for sale?

The E-pan will be ready for sale in July, 2009. Continue to visit our website at www.napeinc.com.

Will only the Tenor version of the E-pan be sold?

Eventually, the E-pan will be sold in Tenor, Double Seconds, Double Guitar, Six Base versions etc. Initially, however, the first generation will start with the Tenor and DoubleSeconds.

Where can we purchase the E-pan?

To begin with, the E-pan can be purchased online at www.napeinc.com. A list of official retailers near you will be posted on that website as time progresses.

Are there any investment opportunities at Nape, Inc?

E-mail your business proposal to salmon@napeinc.com and you will be contacted thereafter with regards to investment opportunities.